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Who We Are

At Saunders Nydegger, PC we put our customers first. We aspire to cultivate meaningful relationships, provide world-class service, and believe in continuous improvement and innovation. We believe in being more than just accountants. We want to be your strategic business partner.

Why Work With Us

“Time” is a small business owner’s biggest commodity. We will manage the finance side of your business and give you more time to do the things you love. Go ahead and enjoy your family vacation and restful nights. We’ve got you.

What To Expect

Timely response, accurate reporting, strategic advice, and that’s just the start. With us you get a partner who wants you to succeed and provide you with the best recommendations possible. Your business becomes profitable and enjoyable.

Our Story

We believe that you should intentionally create the quality of life that you desire. We help achieve this by cultivating meaningful relationships, providing world-class professional services, and by encouraging continuous improvement and education. We aspire to build trust, confidence, create economic wealth, and to make the working world better through our pursuit of excellence.

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Joe Wilkinson

Friendly and competent. Paul Saunders has been handling my personal and business taxes for 10+ years now and has always done a superb job. I have never met anyone with as much knowledge of the tax code. All the while understanding the intricate workings of my business and personal life. I would recommend Paul and his company to anyone.

Theresa Bone

Great company. I always feel comfortable with the work they do for us and I can always get the answers I need to run my business. I have been working with these guys for at least 15 year!

Cody Littlewood

We’ve been extraordinarily fortunate in finding this accounting firm. We previously worked with BDO (a multinational accounting and consulting firm) and actually receive much better advice and service with Saunders Nydegger. Very happy with the results.